Tuesday, January 01, 2013

day one

And here we start.

I like fresh starts. 
A good spring clean
a new page on the calendar
new year resolutions

A new blog. 
What better day than new years to introduce to you a new blog, right?

(ok, so truth be told this blog has been waiting and waiting to start, poor patient blog, but as I realized we were speedily rushing towards the end of the year I thought what better day than New Years to make the mighty launch, yes, I know I'm not deceiving anyone with the ill disguised attempt  to cover the fact that I've basically just been plain old procrastinating.)

And so
(insert trumpet fan fare here)
 I introduce you to blue china studio happy.

Blue china studio is all about the little bits and bobs of happiness, all those small details that can bring a smile, a bit of pleasure, a little sparkle to our everyday lives. If you, my dear reader, are anything like me, you are the ones that may be more concerned about how your table looks at the party than how the food tastes, or how you go to three different stores to find the exactly perfect shade of ribbon to wrap your sister's birthday gift with. Sound familiar? Fear not, you are not alone.

I like to call these things simple pleasures, because they are aren't they?
Yes, bigger things go on in the real world, some really rather dark things sadly. But to me all the more reason for making sure we add some little simple pleasures in the midst of all the other stuff.

some of my simple pleasures:

a pot of paperwhites sitting on the mantle
a glittery gift box containing a small treasure
a party garland strung above a table
giggles, laughter, smiles
a blue sky after rain
silver glitter
(anything with glitter really)
etta james playing in the background
a small birthday gathering
a tray of party favors

This is what I want to share with you. 
My ideas for these little bits of pleasure. These little slivers of happiness and how you can add them to your life. 

Happy New Year friends.
Here's to a fresh start.

Go on
be happy.


  1. happy new Year
    Belle et heureuse année 2013

  2. Hooray! You're back!
    Happy 2013!

  3. oh my gosh! you're back - I googled your previous blog & found you had returned (with an additional word - HAPPY). I hope life is treating you better - and we can be bloggy friends again.


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